Friday, March 2, 2012

REDD Deforestation Modeling Video

Clark Labs Releases New Video Demonstrating REDD Deforestation Modeling with Land Change Modeler in IDRISI Selva

This latest video, entitled REDD Deforestation Modeling with Land Change Modeler in IDRISI, introduces the new REDD modeling feature tool included in the latest release of IDRISI, the Selva Edition. This video demonstrates how to model baseline land cover change and to predict future scenarios, as well as how these scenarios will impact projected GHG emissions through the implementation of a REDD project.

A REDD project proposal, or the Project Design Document submitted to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Organization, requires maps and statistics of GHG emissions, based on various scenarios and standards. The new REDD analysis tool within Land Change Modeler facilitates the creation of these VCS outputs at the specified reporting intervals.

This video, utilizing Madagascar data from Conservation International, highlights how to model land use change from forest to non-forest and create baseline prediction maps based on business-as-usual scenarios and calculate the amount of potential GHG emissions from such predicted forest loss. The Land Change Modeler software also allows you to quantify reductions in GHG emissions in both the project and leakage areas if a REDD project were to be implemented.

This video is one of several videos directly related to the widely-used Land Change Modeler application. IDRISI’s Land Change Modeler is becoming the de facto modeling software for developing REDD projects. This particular video follows on from the REDD Baseline Modeling video. It is recommended that you watch the other videos as well to gain a better appreciation of the complexities involved in modeling land use change.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Land Change Modeler Video

Introduction to Land Change Modeler in IDRISI

Clark Labs has recently published a video to provide an introduction to the change analysis tools in the Land Change Modeler application within IDRISI. The Land Change Modeler allows the user to analyze, measure, and project the impacts of land change on habitat and biodiversity. This video explores tools for the rapid assessment of land change in both map and graphical forms.

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